9/23 JazzThing

„With their debut album „Structures & Beauty“ (enja/edel), the Fuchsthone Orchestra is taking a creative inventory. Recorded in June 2022 at the Deutschlandfunk broadcasting hall in Cologne, the material was more than enough for a double CD, but not one note, composition or solo should have been less.“

09/23 NRZ

„The FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA captivated the audience in the Kathrin-Türks-Halle/Dinslaken with excursions into extraordinary worlds of sound.Glaciers are melting, ice masses are breaking. It cracks, it crashes with drumbeats and hissing cymbals. The compact sound layers of trombones, trumpets and saxophones separate from each other, moving, being pushed forward by powerful, driving basses, plunging into the depths. And above all, the voice of…“

09/23 Süddeutsche Zeitung

„Experienced big band masterminds have joined forces with Christina Fuchs and Caroline Thon. ‚Structures & Beauty’, the title of the highly acclaimed album recently released on the Enja & Yellowbird label, captures in a nutshell what distinguishes the Cologne-based FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA. Like magic, this 20-piece orchestra transforms complex compositions that intertwine orchestral jazz, classical, avant-garde, rock and subtly applied…”

09/23 Zeitschrift f. Kultur & Gesellschaft (Austria)

„Magnificent cinema for the ears! Listening for the first time to the eight compositions … you will be flashed by this completely unconventional ride on a musical roller coaster: such fun with experimentation and strong contrasts. This variety of moods and sound colors up to the noise-like, these powerful jazz-orchestral sounds, detailed expeditions of smaller formations and expressive soloistic highlights!“

08/23 JazzPodium

„System blasters! Is this (still) jazz or simply music that doesn’t care about categories? Are we listening to notes that have the potential to become system breakers? Anyone who gets involved with the good ninety minutes of Fuchsthone Orchestra will not only experience a journey through the world of improvised music that is as exciting as it is challenging, but also will have to deal with such questions.“

08/23 Kulturtipp CH

„The eight-part concept album alternates from a well-balanced big band set to an avantgarde stirring sound cascade and has lyrics by Greta Thunberg pop up. A multi-layered auditory movie…“