06/23 Jazzpodium

„…Zappa would have had a blast with it, though Carla Bley’s „Escalator over the Hill“ epic could also have been the inspiration. Philosophical thinking meets musical vision here…radically fresh and exciting!“

05/23 Jazzthetik

„The debut double album of the Fuchsthone Orchestra is a large-orchestral masterpiece…Structures&Beauty unites all that can make large orchestral jazz thrilling: free and heavy grooving passages, soloists who pour their whole heart into this music, and a political ambition that has become unfortunately rare.“

04/23 FAZ

„The composers Caroline Thon and Christina Fuchs assembled a strong ensemble with the FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA, in which singer Fiippa Gojo shines on the microphone. The consistently strong soloists include such distinctive musicians as trumpeter John-Dennis Renken, alto saxophonist Roger Hanschel, guitarist Andreas Wahl and trombonist Matthias Muche…“