Aug 31st, 2024 Wuppertal, Immanuelskirche

FUCHSTHONE Reloaded #6 + Guest artist Claudia Schmitz

The FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA presents its current programme of new compositions as part of the “RELOADED” concert series.
Reloaded” brings together the ideas and endeavours of constant renewal and the search for contemporary sounds. The repertoire of the FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA is constantly changing and therefore remains full of surprises. For the first time, the orchestra will invite a guest: Berlin video artist Claudia Schmitz will enrich us visually and improvise on stage like another band member. New compositions will be orientated around this in a more open form. We are very excited!

Tickets available in advance and at the box office

Immanuelkirche, Sternstraße 73, 42275 Wuppertal

Entrance: sorry, no information right now… please inform yourself on the venues homepage.