Press reviews the Hildener Jazztage


Peter Clement and Stephan Köhlen review the Hildener Jazztage in the Rheinische Post Online edition on June 19 after our concert:

“The opening with the Fuchsthone Orchestra was already worth the entrance fee. “The nearly two dozen outstanding and award-winning musicians took the audience on a spectacular journey of sound….

Many visitors assured us that the Hildener Jazz Tage once again convinced the audience with its wide range of music. For instance, Claus from Meerbusch has been part of the jazz scene in the state capital and in Hilden for many years. He also regularly visits the “Blue Note” in the Itterstadt. He reported that it is the many varieties of jazz that appeal to him. Experiencing new sounds over and over again, such as through the Fuchsthone Orchestra, is something he really enjoys…”