2023 was all about the presentation of the FUCHSTHONE debut album “Structures & Beauty”. There were 8 cities in Germany and abroad on the tour schedule: Magdeburg, Karlsruhe, Bonn, Dinslaken, Munich, Dornbirn, Düsseldorf and Cologne.

he band’s live energy was fantastic and the response from the local audience was correspondingly exuberant. Concert reviews and photos provide a good picture of this.
After a two-year development process leading up to the finished CD, live music needs to be celebrated again – preferably with lots of concerts where the music preserved on disc is revived live. Each concert is different: solos are never the same, the energy varies, new ideas are introduced … it never gets boring, not least because of the large proportion of improvisation!
A tour with 22 musicians + 2 sound engineers is always exhausting, but the joy and fun on stage make up for any night-time journey and a very special dynamic is created: everybody knows where they are going, finds their place in the ensemble and gives their best. Working together as a team to organise something is a great experience.
Our audience also plays a big part in this: when you sense that our music resonates with the listeners, that it has an effect and allows them to discover new things, amazes or delights them – that’s a great reward: a feeling of unity and meaningfulness.

The line-up:

  • Caroline Thon, Christina Fuchs (composition, conduction, arrangement)
  • Roger Hanschel, Julian Drach/Julius van Rhee, Veit Lange, Jens Böckamp, Susanne Weidinger /Kira Linn (saxophone, clarinets, flutes)
  • Jan Schneider/Simon Eckert, John-Denis Renken/Ruven Weithöhner/Janosch Löber, Matthias Bergmann, Matthias Knoop (trumpets)
  • Philipp Schittek, Matthias Schuller, Matthias Muche/Moritz Wesp (trombones)
  • Wolf Schenk/Friedrich Falkenhagen (basstrombone, tuba)
  • Zuzana Leharovà (violin)
  • Filippa Gojo (vocal)
  • Laia Genc (piano)
  • Andreas Wahl (guitar)
  • Alex Morsey (bass)
  • Eva Pöpplein (electronics)
  • Jens Düppe (drums)

Magedeburg: Jazz in der Kammer
“The Fuchsthone Orchestra was a fantastic finale for the Magdeburg Jazz Festival.”

Thoralf Winkler on

Dinslaken: Fuchsthone Orchestra in the Kathrin-Türks-Halle
“… inspired the audience with their excursions into exceptional soundscapes.”

Neue Ruhrzeitung / Funke Mediengruppe

Brilliant Cologne Fuchsthone Orchestra in Munich jazzclub Unterfahrt
“Experienced big band masterminds have joined forces with Christina Fuchs and Caroline Thon.”

SZ-Online / 19. 9. 2023

Jazzfest Bonn: Fuchsthone in the Pantheon
“Whoever says jazz is apolitical today hasn’t heard „Iceland” yet…”

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