“ECHO CHAMBERS” … the 5th edition of the RELOADED# series reflects on this year’s events and their effect on all of us. Where better to do this than in the echo chamber of one’s own musical creation, interacting with the audience? The concerts and CD production (DLF) in early summer were shaped by euphoria and a spirit of optimism, but this fall the FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA returns in a more reflective mood.

RELOADED #5 is the current concert program of the FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA in fall 2022. It features the latest compositions of bandleaders Christina Fuchs and Caroline Thon.

Reloaded programs combine the ideas and striving for constant renewal and the search for for contemporary sounds. The repertoire of the FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA thus changes permanently and remains full of surprises.



The line-up in Nov 26th 2022 in Jazzschmiede in Düsseldorf:

Caroline Thon, Christina Fuchs (composition, conduction, arrangement),
Roger Hanschel, Martin Gasser, Veit Lange, Jens Böckamp, Susanne Weidinger (saxophone, clarinets, flutes),
Simon Eckert, John-Denis Renken, Matthias Bergmann, Janosch Löber (trumpets),
Philipp Schittek, Matthias Schuller, Matthias Muche (trombones),
Wolf Schenk (basstrombone, tuba),
Zuzana Leharovà (violin),
Filippa Gojo (vocal),
Laia Genc (piano),
Andreas Wahl (guitar),
Alex Morsey (bass),
Eva Pöpplein (electronics)
Jens Düppe (drums)


With their RELOADED# concert series, the FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA, in cooperation with the European Center for Jazz and Contemporary Music / Stadtgarten Cologne, pursues the consistent ongoing development of their compositions in a direct exchange with the orchestra.

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