In its fifth year, the ensemble is breaking new ground: Reloaded #6 is all about visualization, improvisation and new ensemble formats. The new compositions by Caroline Thon and Christina Fuchs are currently in the process of being created and will be performed on stage in May (30.5.24 Stadtgarten Köln).

This concert will be performed without our new guest, the Berlin video artist Claudia Schmitz, who will be joining us in August (31.8.24 Wuppertal, Immanuelskirche).

The FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA is thus expanding its spectrum by another genre. Claudia Schmitz is the very first guest artist we have ever invited, so this will be a very special premiere! As a member of the ensemble, she will help shape the program visually and conceptually live on stage. We are looking forward to a feast of images, colors and music!

Artist’s Statement:
“My work starts where the media intersect.
I am not interested in the modernity of technology as such but in its capacities for creating new imaginary dimensions.
My arrangements constantly assume temporary states, reject and re-invent themselves, exploring the space-time continuum, rendering visible and questioning its borders. They investigate the limitations of media arrangements and modes of participation.“

Concerts in Wuppertal 31.8.24, Cologne 14.11.24 and Dortmund 15.11.24


With their reloaded # concert series, the FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA, in cooperation with the European Center for Jazz and Contemporary Music / Stadtgarten Cologne, pursues the consistent ongoing development of their compositions in a direct exchange with the orchestra.