Eva Poepplein

Eva Poepplein by Wilfried Heckmann

Photo Eva Poepplein by Wilfried Heckmann

Comuptermusician Eva Pöpplein plays in various ensembles, and performs as a remixer of bands and solo-artists. In her electro-acoustic music she merges field-recordings and analogue sound-scources into her signature sonic language. As duo Merzouga she produces innovative radio-drama, documentaries and sound-art together with bassist/radio author Janko Hanushevsky. Her multi-award winning works have been broadcast by all major German broadcasters, YLE Finland, RTÈ Ireland, Austrian, Croatian, and Swiss national radio.

“Merzouga’s editing however is what most impresses creating a symphony of tiny detail.”
(Cyclic Defrost Magazine, AUSTRALIA)