Kira Linn

Kira Linn - Photo by Marina-Rosa Weigl
Photo by Marina Rosa Weigl

Kira Linn is a German baritone saxophonist, singer and composer.

As the bandleader of her formation Linntett, she has played over 40 concerts and released two albums: “Nature” (2017) via Double Moon Records and “A Traveller’s Tale” (2020) via Laika Records.
In 2023, the English label Whirlwind Records will release her third album “Illusion”, which deals with topics such as diversity, climate protection and the Corona pandemic. In the process, the Wiesbaden native expanded her jazz cosmos to include pop, indie, electro, R&B and neo-soul.

In addition, Linn has already played as a soloist with formations such as the Bundesjazzorchester, the Frankfurt Radio Big Band and the Swiss Jazz Orchestra. She is also a permanent member of the Pascal Klewer Big Band, Francesca Gaza’s Ensemble Kugelförmigkeit and the Salome Moana Band.

Her concert activities have taken her not only throughout Europe, but also to America and South Africa, and she has collaborated with Randy Brecker, Jorge Rossy and Domenic Landolf. Kira Linn is a trained musician and studied in Nuremberg and Basel.

She currently lives and works between Cologne and Basel.