Zuzana Leharová

Zuzana Leharova by Taisjia Chernishova

Photo Zuzana Leharova by Taisjia Chernishova

Zuzana Leharová, born in Slovakia, is an Austrian violinist, composer and arranger living in Cologne. She is an improvising musician rooted in various musical genres and styles, with a focus on jazz.

As the leader of the Zuzana Leharová Quartet or “prominently” as a sidewoman, she is an integral part of the Cologne jazz scene and involved in various projects, where she appears as a versatile and energetic improviser.

Zuzana grew up in Tyrol and after studying classical violin at the Innsbruck Conservatory continued her studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and Maastricht, finally completing her jazz violin studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne, where she found in Michael Gustorff, Claudius Valk, as well as Prof. Dieter Manderscheid and Sebastian Gramss, formative teachers and mentors for her further musical career.

Since 2008 Zuzana Leharová appeared, besides her own projects, in numerous formations such as Urbanic Cycles, Multiple Choice Orchestra, John Betsch Society and Tabadoul Orchestra, and worked with artists such as, Angelika Sheridan, Angelika Niescier, Annette Maye, Bastian Stein, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Carolin Pook, Bodek Janke, Elisabeth Coudoux, Filippa Gojo, Jobic Le Masson, John Betsch, Joscha Oetz, Nils Klein, Nils Tegen, Simon Rummel and Peter Giron.
In addition to working on various studio productions and as a musician for the Rundfunk Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld (ZDF Neo), regular activities at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus have created a close working relationship with director Robert Wilson.

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